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Regina Ruiz, MD

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 123 Lombard Street,
Suite 207,
San Francisco, California, 94111

You could say Regina Ruiz, MD was born and bred to be a nephrologist—literally! His mother was also a nephrologist and a major influence in Dr. Prescott’s decision to pursue the field. But Dr. Prescott also enjoys the challenge that nephrology presents since it’s a multi-disciplinary field that encompasses all ages of patients as well as all aspects of medical care including in-office visits, hospital, home, hospice and dialysis.

Dr. Ruiz’s area of expertise includes Dialysis care and management, Chronic Kidney Disease and Glomerulonephritis. Dr. Prescott recognizes that kidney care plans should be as unique as the individual patient with whom he works. Therefore he tries his hardest to tailor testing, treatments and medications to each and every patient. He also makes it a priority to really listen to his patients and referring physicians to ensure a proper course of treatment.

Dr. Ruiz joined the MYHC team because of our well-respected comprehensive approach to quality kidney care. He believes physicians must work together aggressively to treat underlying hypertension issues and early stage kidney disease to prevent the burden of End Stage Renal Disease.


Board Certified Internal Medicine
Board Certified Nephrology and Hypertension


Primary Office:
123 Lombard Street,
Suite 207,
San Francisco, California, 94111

Additional Office:
210 Main Street,
San Francisco, California, 94111

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